Congratulations to new and re-awarded MVPs!

On October 1, 2010, 206 extraordinary community leaders from around the world were notified that they were awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the first time and 1014 MVPs were re-awarded. Announcements are made quarterly and each year over 4,000 MVPs are honored. The MVP Award recognizes inspiring, trusted, and independent experts who voluntarily share their passion and knowledge of Microsoft products with others. MVPs represent nearly 100 countries, speak over 40 different languages, and are awarded in almost 90 Microsoft technologies.

The MVP Award Program is pleased to announce that beginning this October Award quarter, additional technical expertise’ are now being recognized--Windows Phone Development and Windows Azure!

The Windows Phone Development expertise seeks to recognize leaders in the Windows Phone 7 developer community. MVP Business Group Lead, Michael Fosmire, said,

“We’re thrilled to recognize for the first time 22 Windows Phone Development MVPs from around the globe.  These MVPs have displayed expertise with a variety of development tools such as Visual Studio, Expression Blend, Silverlight, and the XNA Framework in support of the technical community, with the distinguishing characteristic that they all target Windows Phone 7 devices.”

Windows Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Azure platform. Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage web applications on the internet through Microsoft datacenters. MVP Business Group Lead, Rowena Branch, explained, “We awarded approximately 25 MVPs in this technology area.  We are looking forward to these MVPs serving as leading influencers in one of Microsoft’s strategic cloud initiatives!”

Microsoft strongly values its relationship with the MVP community. MVPs regularly offer feedback to Microsoft, representing the voices of thousands of people from technology communities throughout the world.

MVPs are nominated by Microsoft, other community individuals, or in some cases themselves. Candidates are rigorously evaluated for their technical expertise, community leadership, and voluntary community contributions for the previous year. Please visit our nomination page to nominate yourself or someone you know to be considered for an MVP Award.

The MVP Award is an enormous honor and is reserved for only the most extraordinary individuals--there are more than 100 million social and technical community members worldwide, but only a tiny fraction are as an MVP.
Congratulations to the new MVPs, and welcome back to re-awarded MVPs. We are very excited to recognize your amazing accomplishments!

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  1. Mike Crowley n00b MVP says:


  2. Vijaysaradhi Samavedam says:

    Ive been one of the lucky ones to be included in the List,I feel honored and would really like to give kudos to Microsoft for such an initiative

  3. ETL vs ELTL says:

    Congratulation to all MVP's. This is really great  achievement as an individual.

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