A Look Ahead: 2011 MVP Global Summit

The 2011 MVP Global Summit kicks-off on February 28 and already there’s a buzz in the air. Plans are well underway for another world-class event. Product groups are actively planning their deep dive sessions with MVPs, where they offer them advance looks at many of Microsoft’s latest technology developments.

Mike Fosmire, who at the 2010 MVP Summit was an MVP lead and now is a business group lead, said,

“Every day I see the amazing contributions MVPs make around the world, but there’s nothing quite like having the opportunity to meet face to face with these great folks and getting to know them personally. Additionally, it’s an amazing experience to see them meet their peer MVPs—people they’ve interacted with online for years—in person, sometimes for the first time.”

MVP Global Summit is truly a high point in a year of ongoing interactions between MVPs and Microsoft. Some MVPs and their Microsoft relationship managers travel half way around the globe to attend. Why? One big reason is to be with their community. MVPs share their successes, latest ideas, and war stories with others who understand their passion for technology and making a difference in the community.

And of course they come for the deep technical content—which is on track to be more robust than ever. “Each year we host the MVP Global Summit, it gets a little better,” explained Paulette Suddarth, Microsoft Global Events Marketing Manager, MVP Award Program. “MVPs have told us that a four day event is a big time commitment, so this year we’re packing all the content into three highly productive days. We’re doing that by scaling back the keynote speeches—with an important exception. Steve Ballmer is a big fan of MVPS and he’ll be back this year to welcome them to campus.”

“We’ll be focusing more on deep dive sessions—which MVPs tell us are the most valuable,” continued Suddarth. “As well as networking opportunities.  Everyone who can make it can look forward to a great welcome reception and memorable evening events. But that’s all I’m saying right now. We want to keep some surprises.”

Comments (8)

  1. Elan Shudnow says:

    I am very happy to hear you guys will be doing 3 days of deep technical content and cutting back on keynote speeches.  I can't wait!

  2. Sean Kearney says:

    I have never been to Redmond or an MVP summit.  I am without a doubt looking forward to meeting up with the best and brightest and some of the most influencing people ever, including many whom I consider friends.

    Yes.  I can't wait for MVP summit.  Best Holiday present EVER ! 🙂

  3. Forefront MVP Sessions are amazing !!!

  4. Zack Barresse says:

    Everyone at Microsoft does an excellent job with the MVP Summit.  Every experience I've ever had at a Summit has been absolutely memorable.  Being able to be around that many experts is very rewarding and educational, besides MVP's being some of the nicest, not to mention brightest, people in the world.  It sounds like the Summit coordinators are doing an excellent job of listening to MVPs as well!

  5. Look forward to attend this with fingers crossed. I'd love to interact with some of the fellow MVP's who I'm been in touch for several occasions.

  6. HandyAndy says:

    Well just got my award letter yesterday, so it looks I will back in Redmond for another Summit, the MVP Program really knows how to throw a party.

  7. Niall C. Brady says:

    I'm looking forward to attending this event as it will be my first time 🙂 I'm also looking forward to meeting the other MVP's 🙂 see you there !

  8. Suthep says:

    In one of the keynotes, I learnt a cool code sample project from Microsoft, but I forgot its name. Anyone remembers it?

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