MVP Mark Dunn Highlights the MVP Award Program

Seven-year MVP veteran Mark Dunn was recently interviewed on Atlanta Business Radio in Atlanta, Georgia. Mark spoke about his experience with the MVP Award Program and provided listeners with a high level view of who MVPs are and how they impact the community.

Dunn started out as a programmer and, passionate about sharing information, he became active in user groups, investing into the community and helping wherever he could. He found himself moving towards training, and eventually started his company, Dunn Training. He remains heavily involved with the Atlanta .Net User Group, while also sponsoring Code Camps in the Atlanta area.

In the interview, Dunn describes the positive ways being an MVP has affected him and his business: “If you ever have a problem, nothing beats being able to  get in touch with one of the product teams.”  

He also highlighted how his feedback is valued within the various Microsoft product groups. “You couldn’t ask for any better perk than speaking to the people at Microsoft who build the products.”  But one of his favorite experiences as an MVP is being invited to attend the MVP Global Summit and connecting with the members of his community: "The thing I like most about it is meeting a wide variety of MVPs from all over the world,” he explained.





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