MVPs Take Over the Microsoft Store!

Headed up by passionate Zune MVP Marques Lyons, MVPs in the Los Angeles area recently joined forces for an MSMVP event. Marques teamed up with his local Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, where he and fellow MVPs spent the day offering demos, presentations, and even some great giveaways throughout the day!

Participating MVPs represented multiple Microsoft technologies including Xbox, Zune, and SQL Server. The broadly-scoped event was a huge success! Marques is planning on hosting another MSMVP event in San Diego, CA, in October 2010.

Marques told the MVP Award Program Blog:

"All of the attendees had a great time--(some even asked me if this was something that had been going on monthly for a while). Everyone enjoyed talking SQL Server (you heard me!), Zune and XBOX 360 with the MVPs and the giveaway prizes were a big hit."

DPE Lynn Langit agreed.

"The MVPs did a GREAT job conceiving of and promoting of this event--(good use of a custom Facebook event page as well). This is a very effective model for small MVP events; showcasing specific products at local MS stores." !

We look forward to hearing about the future success of these MSMVP events!

Comments (3)

  1. Very cool. IFF only the Windows Media MVP's had this kind of access.

  2. one of the reasons why I want to be an MVP 😉

  3. Hey, Christopher –

    Windows Media MVPs DO have this kind of access. The idea for #MSMVP is to have meet-and-greets with MVPs in every Microsoft Store. There are still stores to be opened, which means there are still going to be #MSMVP events that you'll have a chance to participate in. I think the community would enjoy learning from you and your Windows Media expertise. =)

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