CodeStock 2010 Featured Women in Technology

MVP Michael Neel helped plan this year's CodeStock in Knoxville, TN. Michael Neal told the MVP Award Program Blog, "I started off by patterning CodeStock after DevLink and CodeMash, two other great community led events in the Heartland," he explained. "John Kellar has also been a great help since he shared his years of experience running the Little Rock Tech Expo and now DevLink."

Former MVP and current Microsoft Employee Rachel Appel was the keynote speaker, "We ran a Woman in Technology theme this year," Neel explained. "For the record, I wanted Rachel to Keynote before I decided on the Woman in Technology theme. It was the result of looking around and trying to find another technology conference that has had a female keynote speaker. I realized I couldn't find one!"

Rachel's keynote focused on community. Neel told the MVP Award Program Blog, "Rachel kept the spirit alive by talking about community in her keynote, and then she brought up members of the community to share specific stories," he said.

Michael Neel took video footage throughout CodeStock and produced the short video below.

CodeStock 2010 from Michael Neel on Vimeo.

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  1. This was my first CodeStock after having supported the event remotely as a sponsor for the past 2 years. I was so excited to get to go and the event lived up to all my expectations.

    Mike is so commited to this community event, and the personalities that he brings along to help him just add to the amazing flavour that is CodeStock.

    Thanks for having me, Gary and DevExpress along for the ride, Mike. We had a ball.

    Keep moving on!


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