MVP Versus Volcano

We write about the dedication and professional attitude of MVPs in this blog all the time.  Few stories are as exceptional as the one I'm going to share with you today. MVP Andrew Connell found himself in the middle of the European transportation shut-down, that was also known as Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano. On a mission to attend and present at the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference in
London, Connell tried everything he could to get to his destination.

 He wrote:


I had a certain degree of responsibility to make my best effort to get to London for the conference. Many US based speakers were not going to make it due to the ash cloud… I felt like they really needed me to be there but I also desperately wanted to be there. After quickly realizing getting there by air was not going to happen, I looked at *every* other option including train, bus, ferry, rental car and car pools. The goal was to get to Brussels where I could get on the EuroStar up into central London. My students were incredibly helpful in assisting with other modes of transportation over to London for the conference. We looked at train options that in 37hrs and 8 transfers would take me from Trondheim » Oslo » Gothenburg » Copenhagen » Hamburg » Cologne » Brussels. They even used their own travel agent to secure me a seat on a Norwegian Air flight direct to London on Sunday morning. And that wasn’t the end of it… the guys at Enable AS were *AMAZINGLY* helpful and generous.

In all, I decided to wait until Saturday and see what happened. And this is where my travel nightmare started…


Nightmare, is an understatement. This was an adventure worthy of a movie starring Chevy Chase. What I love about Connell's story, is it shows the can-do positive attitude of MVPs. He didn't even want to let a volcano stand in the way of helping community.

Read the entire adventure here, on Andrew Connell's blog.


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  1. Rod Trent says:

    Kim Oppalfens battled the Volcano to attend and present at MMS 2010 last week.  Kenny Buntix, travled 1700 kilometers to catch a plan to attend MMS 2010.

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