MVP Mark Minasi’s 5th Annual Conference May 2nd – 5th

MVP Mark Minasi hosts a conference every year.  Minasi Conference 2010 is coming up May 2nd - 5th in Virginia Beach:

The Minasi conference is unlike any other tech conference you’ve
attended before due to its intimacy, favorable student:lecturer ratio,
variety of topics and quality of instructors. The conference is
organized and staffed by volunteers from Mark Minasi’s forum and
includes well known veteran lecturers like Mark Minasi, Rhonda Layfield,
Todd Lammle, Roger Grimes, Microsoft MVP’s and author’s such as Aidan
Finn, Nathan Winters and Eric Rux and forum members who just want to
share what they’re doing.

Mark Minasi is known for his ability to explain complicated technical topics in a fun and interesting way. He is regularly featured in national magazines, radio programs, and television shows. Someone who attended one of Minasi's lectures commented, "Take George Carlin, make him technical, clean up the language, and you've got Mark Minasi."

Registration is still open, but there are only a few spots left. 


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Comments (1)

  1. Tim Bolton says:

    If I was able to only attend one event each year, this would be it hands down.  No free software, no free T-Shirt.  Just being able to get up close and  personal with the instructors in a very relaxed setting, while actually learning something you can take back to your employer.

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