French TechDays 2010: 7 MVPs interviewed by major French magazine

7 MVPs were interviewed by ITPRO Magazine. The MVPs interviewed were: Arnauld Alcabez, Fabrice Barbin, Cédric Bravo, Pascal Creusot, Etienne Legendre, Florent Santin and Loic Thobois. The MVPs spoke about state-of-the-art technology, future developments, and the impact of those developments.

Fabrice Barbin and Florent Santin were also speakers at the TechDays sessions. You may recognize the other MVPs because they are super stars in French user groups. Arnaud Alcabez is President of the Group  "French Users of Exchange Server," and admin of the Linkedin Group Exchange; Fabrice Barbin is the founder of the SharePoint WorkSpace Community (former "Groove French Speaking Community", founded in 2008); Cédric Bravo is the co-founder of the French speaking "Community of Virtualization Users (GuVirt)"; Pascal Creusot is really active in the group of French speaking users of Microsoft Exchange Server; and Etienne Legendre is active in the famous Club MOSS (a well known French User Group for MOSS.)

Congratulations to all these MVPs for this important recognition, and thanks once again for their important contributions to community.


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