Windows Desktop Experience & Security MVPS reach millions

We all know MVPs make notable contributions to the community, but when you look at the numbers the collective impact of the MVP community is realized.  
Over the past year, 92 US Windows Desktop Experience & Security MVPs have posted 324,974 posts across 52 different forums. That's right, 324,975 posts. Isn't that incredible?
These posts collectively reach approximately 10 million people!
In July 2009, theses extraordinary MVPs averaged 4,522 posts per month. In 2010 US based Windows Desktop Experience MVPs posted an average of 13,991 posts per month representing a 300% increase.
These numbers are extraordinary on the page, but when I think about how many people are come away more knowledgeable, it gives me goose bumps. The work of these MVPs is awesome, and we are grateful for their contributions.

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Comments (7)

  1. Rod Trent says:

    Which forums are you tracking/reporting on?

  2. Hi Rod,

    For this particular list we are using a rough estimate of unique users per month based on estimates from sites like and . These are often conservative compared to direct unique users per month that some MVP site owners have shared.  It is meant to highlight how MVPs help a lot of user every month. This is also targeting only a subset of MVPs (namely, the US based Windows Desktop & Security MVPs).

    We are continually looking at new sites & forums to recognize MVPs. If you know of a great location we should recognize (or a leader there that should be nominated for the MVP award) we’d love to hear it! We accept nominations for the MVP award throughout the year, and we award every quarter. You can nominate someone for the MVP award here:

    List of sites reference for this    


    Anand Tech




    Computer Haven

    Cyber Tech Help

    DSL Reports


    Geeks to Go

    Hardware Central

    Locker Gnome

    Major Geeks

    Malware Bytes

    Malware Removal


    PC PitStop

    Practically Networked

    Scot’s Newsletter


    Speed Guide

    Spyware Info





    Virtual DR.

    What the Tech


    Windows BBS

    Windows Now


    The Elder geek



    Gladiator Antivirus

    spywareinfo forum


  3. Corrine says:

    Help and information are available at the ASAP Member sites listed at (some of which are already included in the above list).  

  4. Rod Trent says:

    Do you realize that the majority of System Center MVPs come from There’s some good security people there, too, plus with Forefront integration and System Center, and Microsoft Deployment Technologies, you might make note of it.  Also, there’s a lot of MVPs that particpate on email lists.  That’s tougher to capture, I guess.

  5. Linda says:

    What about Dell Community?

    It is a huge community that has several Security MVP’s contributing.

  6. Spencer says:

    That is quite a list, and I’m quite happy that I frequent many of those!d  I’m also very happy to see Windows Desktop MVP’s being talked about.  We rock!


  7. Ed says:

    In that Scot’s Newsletter is primarily a Linux support site, based on the distribution of threads and postings, I don’t understand how it made this list.

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