The 2010 MVP Summit from the eyes of a rookie

This was the first year I attended the  MVP Summit. I joined the MVP Award Program team just a few weeks before ago. My new friends and co-workers were eager to share with me how excited they were about Summit, "Oh just wait until you meet the MVPs.  You'll see," I was told. 

While I knew the Summit was going to be interesting, I had no idea how valuable this event really was. I have been to more conferences than I count, but the MVP Summit is in class of it's own.

The people make the experience. MVPs are truly passionate about their expertise. I was told by one MVP that you don't become an MVP, you are always an MVP, it is just a matter of being discovered.

I completely understand what he was talking about. Their passion is authentic. You can't fake this kind of passion. It is inherent to who they are. MVPs truly love Microsoft technology, but what makes me love them even more, they have a unique drive to teach, share, and inspire others to love their passion. Their enthusiasm is unquestionably contagious and their growing community demonstrates that. 

The relationships MVPs have with Microsoft employees is unlike any I've seen before between a company and consumers. There is give and take, and both sides grow because of this relationship. 

Throughout the week I had my cameras in tow and tried to capture this spirit. While I'm still working through the video footage and hope to share more of it with you in the future, I do want to share these two clips that I think exemplify the amazing community the MVP Award Program fosters.


Thank you again to all the MVPs that took the time to talk with me and Deb this week. I'm looking forward to following your accomplishments throughout the year, and have caught your enthusiasm. I can not wait until the 2011 Summit!


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