MVP Launches SharePoint Site for the Arabic Community!


SharePoint MVP Marwan Tarek is the co-founder of SharePoint4Arabs, a website dedicated to providing SharePoint resources targeted to Arabic speaking countries.

SharePoint4Arabs presents videos, presentations and useful resources. A particular focus for the site is on development, end users and infrastructure. The site is also welcoming speakers to contribute to the site. (Register here for more information).

You can follow SharePoint4Arabs updates on twitter too!

About the co-founder

Marwan is a MOSS MVP since 2008, and has been working with SharePoint technologies since 2005. He is also a Microsoft certified professional since 2001, (MCSD, MCTS and MCPD in SharePoint development and configuration.) Marwan is the founder of the Egypt SharePoint User Group and organiser of many SharePoint events in Egypt. You can follow Marwan on Twitter and read his blog here.

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Comments (1)

  1. Sharepoint4arabs is an awesome site for the Arabic community. I and all my friends are constantly visiting it for learning. I therefore would heartily thank the gentlemen: Marwan Tarek, Ayman El-Hattab, Mohamed Yehia, Osama Mourad.

    However, I want to complain (Or at least blame), firstly and most importantly is that Sharepoint4arabs should provide videos, presentations and useful resources for SharePoint Development (Coding and developing web parts) Not only administration, because this is what the Arabic community really need.

    Secondly, I want to blame the other Arab SharePoint MVPs and the Arab SharePoint professionals. Simply: WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE IS THEIR CONTRIBUTION (On Sharepoint4arabs)?

    If you google up for any Arabic SharePoint resources you will never find anything useful except Sharepoint4arabs site (Which is a good step for sure, BUT it still misses a lot).

    Well Finally, please forgive me for my complaining, I know very well that each of you guys is busy and has a lot of responsibilities, but as you know that we should constantly pursue the excellence by optimizing our resources.

    P.S. No matter what I’ve just said, be sure that I and so many others greatly and sincerely appreciate your efforts and literally pleading you for more !

    Very best regards,

    Abdelrahman Al-Faori

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