MVPs Contribute to Free Developer eBook


Nine MVPs recently contributed to the Developers, Developers, Developers, IT eBook. The eBook was created by Canadian MVP Derek Hatchard and Dirk Primbs. It contains 17 articles by developers for developers and is available as a free download from Microsoft.

Sections within the book:

· Working with Brownfield Code by MVP Donald Belcham

· Beyond C# and VB by MVP Ted Neward

· All I Wanted Was My Data by Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Barry Gervin

· Efficiency Upgrade by Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Derek Hatchard

· Getting Started with Continuous Integration by Microsoft Regional Director  Sondre Bjellås

· On Strike at the Software Factory by MVP Daniel Crenna

· C# Features You Should Be Using by MVP Ted Neward

· Accelerate Your Coding with Code Snippets by Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Brian Noyes

· Is Silverlight 2 Ready for Business Applications? by Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Jonas Follesø

· Innovate with Silverlight 2 by MVP Daniel Crenna

· Real World WPF: Rich UI + HD by Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Gill Cleeren


Download the free eBook here


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  1. TRX says:

    Nice I’ve been looking for something like this

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  2. TRX says:

    To the last point on people giving up paperbacks for ebooks faster than giving up hardbacks for ebooks I think that makes perfect sense. I still want to have hardback copies of certain books, particularly non-fiction, religion and biographies on my shelves. But I have no desire to fill my shelves and take up space with random fiction paperbacks that I would probably have given away when I finished anyway.<a href="Miscellaneous">…/a>

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