Australian MVP Shares His Favourite Windows 7 Features!


In today’s post, Australian MVP Ben Walters presents his three favourite Windows 7 features, which he shares with the community below.

“Recently I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 7, so far I’m enjoying the new OS from Microsoft and while there are obviously a lot of upgrades under the cover, I highlight my personal top 3 features in no particular order:

1. New Start Menu

Probably one of the main features that will cause some commotion amongst users who are upgrading, personally I love it I’ve already noticed an increase in my productivity simply from this small design change. Rather than having to filter through all my open windows I can now find the window I want by hovering over the items on the start menu

2. Slideshow desktop

Ok, so this is purely a cosmetic feature but as a new father this is something I can see winning a lot of hearts with new users, basically Windows now allows you to select multiple images for your desktop and on a predetermined time changes your background picture.

3. Native VHD Support

This is a feature that will have developers and presenters cheering along, while attaching a VHD doesn’t offer a huge gain as far as features go, it’s the ability to boot from a VHD that has me really excited. The prospect of being able to boot into a number of different Demo/development machines as needed makes this a killer feature”.

Read Ben’s full post here


Ben describes some excellent Windows 7 features. However, what are yours?

Please share them with us by leaving a comment under this blog post!

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Comments (1)

  1. What I like most about Windows 7 is the stuff that got "fixed" from Vista that never worked properly. For example, the explorer breadcrumbs would also crawl, particularly if the directory was on the network. Much faster now. Also, the sidebar seems to consume much less memory and is far less intrusive and more configurable than before.

        In terms of new features. I like the new XP mode which is going to make a big difference for application compatibility.

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