CRM MVPs & Regional Directors Share Book Chapters


Two Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs have added book excerpts to both the MSDN library and the Resource Center. Kudos to MVPs and published authors Jim Steger, Mike Snyder for Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (MS Press) and to Regional Director MVP, and author David Yack for providing these chapters from his recent book CRM as a Rapid Development Platform.

Note: The articles below are the same whether you view them from MSDN or from the Resource Center.

CRM Resource Center:

Book excerpt: Developer and Team Workspace

Book excerpt: Developing Offline Solutions


Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

CRM as a Rapid Development Platform

If you haven’t already seen these two books, they are both full of in-depth information about developing for CRM 4.0 on CRM Online. This is yet another indicator of the quality of MVPs on the CRM team.

The book is available to buy here

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  1. 365blog says:

    We luv these guys. And the books are excellent reads with a lot of tough subjects handled with ease and aplomb.  :o)

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