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Directory Services MVP Gil Kirkpatrick, will again be hosting The Experts Conference (TEC) Europe this September 14-16 in Berlin, Germany. TEC is comprised to two conferences this year. TEC/Identity and Access features speakers from Microsoft (Alex Weinert, Markus Vilcinskas, and Tomasz Onyszko for ILM/FIM 2010, Dean Wells, Nathan Muggli, and Brett Shirley for DS, and Matt Steele for Geneva), as well as noted MVPs Guido Grillenmeier, Jorge de Almeida-Pinto, and Brian Desmond. TEC/Exchange includes Ross Smith IV, Greg Taylor, and Brett Shirley from Microsoft, as well as Exchange MVPs Ilse van Criekinge and Michael B. Smith. You can see the entire TEC agenda here

TEC provides a substantial discount for current Microsoft MVPs. For more information contact Stella Lowe, or Gil Kirkpatrick

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