Zune MVP Brings Twitter To The Social


Zune MVP Marques Lyons and Shane Deseranno have launched a new community initiative using Twitter called #zunetune.

The idea is that Zune users on Twitter, submit the #zunetune hashtag along with the songs that they are listening to. This allows other Twitter users to learn all about the different music the Zune community is enjoying!

Submitted songs need to be available through the Zune Pass subscription. This allows other Zune users to preview and download the song if they want to. The shortened URL link in Twitter, connects the user directly to the song in the Zune Software.
Shane has aggregated the collected #zunetune tweets and has produced a playlist that Zune users can use in their own Zune Software. If you are a Zune Pass subscriber and don't currently own the song, the playlist will stream it from the Marketplace.

This initiative is rapidly becoming a great resource for people to discover new music.

To learn more about how to share your favourite Zune songs on Twitter, click here.



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