Silverlight MVP Creates PRISM Videos and Interviews!


PRISM is a collection of tools for building maintainable and scalable Silverlight applications.  It was created by the Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team, and is a collection of libraries, code, documentation and samples.

Silverlight MVP Erik Mork has created a great suite of resources that can help the community to get started with the technology. Check out the list of video, blog posts and podcasts below for further information!


5 minute introduction to PRISM10 Things to Know About Silverlight PRISM.  This post covers the essential things that web developer should know about PRISM. 

Hyper-Videos – These are screencasts in a rich Silverlight Player.  They include code that can be copied and pasted while watching the video.  In addition, there is video navigation and deep linking support.

Intro to Silverlight PRISM – Silverlight PRISM Video
Testing/Module Catalog/Unity – Modularity in PRISM Video

Regions (including Region Scope, Region Adapter and Region Context) – PRISM Regions Video
Commanding (including creating new commands) – Commanding in PRISM Video
Eventing – Eventing in PRISM Video

Podcast Interviews – These interviews were recorded with the Patterns and Practices team.

· What is PRISM – What is PRISM Interview

· How Modularity Works in PRISM – PRISM Modularity Interview

· When to use PRISM – When to use PRISM Interview

· How Regions Work in Prism – Regions in PRISM Interview

· View or Presenter First? – View or ViewModel First Interview

· How Commanding Works in PRISM- Commanding in PRISM Interview

· Loosely Coupled Communications in PRISM – Event Aggregator in PRISM Interview

Blog Posts – Helper resources for PRISM

PRISM Overview Post – 10 Things to Know about Silverlight PRISM (overview of all resources)
Downloading and Building Prism – Finding and Building PRISM Post

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