SharePoint MVP ‘Goes With The Flow’


MVP Gustavo Vélez, from the Netherlands has just released a new book entitled “Workflows and SharePoint: Going with the Flow”.

The book provides a comprehensive reference to guide users through the process of creating a workflow. A case study allows the reader to follow the development of a flow, incorporating the myriad of possibilities and tools available to the developer.

Gustavo’s approach is 'no-nonsense'; based on clearly-defined examples it describes and demonstrates the possibilities and applications of workflows in SharePoint. The programming examples graduate from basics, generating configurations with Sequential and State Machine Workflows, to more complex themes using ASPX and InfoPath Forms.

He attempts to identify potential errors and problems and to provide solutions or workarounds, and in situations where that is not possible, to point the reader in the best direction for answers. 'Workflows and SharePoint: Going with the Flow' is divided into five areas for easy reference. The first two parts focus on information for the general reader; introducing the architecture and use of workflows followed by a description of the use of SharePoint Designer to create flows without programming. Part 3 provides information for the creation of Sequential and State Machine Workflows using Visual Studio and flows over into the next section covering the creation and development of Forms (Part 4). Finally, Part 5 reviews Activities, their use in Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer, and goes on to discuss other 'bits and pieces' related to programming workflows for SharePoint.

Sample code is available from

The book is available in English here and in Spanish here.


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