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MVP Roy Osherove recently wrote a new book entitled “The Art of Unit Testing”

The Art of Unit Testing guides the reader in the subtle art of unit testing. Based on Roy’s real-world development experiences, this book shows developers how to make sure the code that they write actually works as expected and how to make these verifications as automated as possible.

The book starts out with the basics of how to write unit tests, what makes a good unit test, and how to avoid the pitfalls you may encounter when you try to write unit tests. Readers will learn to build tests that are readable, accurate, and maintainable and pick up a series of best practices and “how-to’s” for key subjects.

Roy establishes rules for good unit tests, built upon the three major principles that any good test be maintainable, trustworthy, and readable. The book also provides clear guidance on what to test and where to start testing and is written for .NET developers but others will also benefit from this book.

Samples chapters of the book can be downloaded below:

Download samples chapters 1 and 3 and buy the book here.

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About the author:

MVP Roy Osherove is the chief architect at Typemock and is one of the original ALT.NET organisers. He consults and trains teams worldwide on unit testing and test-driven development. He is a frequent speaker at technical conferences such as TechEd and JAOO. Roy's blog can be found here

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  1. Ruari Plint says:

    Well done Roy, great achievement.

    How about an autographed edition :-p

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