French MVP Passionate About Azure!


MVP Grégory Renard, aka “Redo”, is a Microsoft Regional Director in Belgium and is passionate about .NET and Windows Azure technologies! He has been featured in the French computer magazine, Le Monde Informatique and is active in several French communities including, Codes-Sources and ASP-PHP. Grégory is also an active technical writer, having published several articles on the French Visual Studio MSDN Site. You can read his French articles here. He has published several books, mostly relating to Visual Basic 2005.

Grégory is also a sought after speaker in Europe, he has been a speaker at Microsoft Techdays events in Belgium, Switzerland and in France! You can view two of his sessions that he delivered at TechDays in Paris here.

Learn more about Grégory’s passion for .NET and Windows Azure by reading his blog here.

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