Perspectives Shared by MVPs Who Attended Tech Ed North America

During Tech Ed North America in Los Angeles, CA, we had the opportunity to capture MVPs’ perspectives about being awarded as an MVP, their passion for community and new technology, and provide examples of contributions they’ve made. Watch this site as each of the spotlight videos are posted. Here is a run down of the videos to be posted.

  Spotlight Post Date
1 MVP Adam Machanic, SQL June 15
2 MVP Bill Wolff, Visual Basic and Richard Seroter, BizTalk June 18
3 MVP Chris De Herrera, Windows Mobile June 15
4 MVP Daniel Nerenberg, APP V - Soft Grid June 15
5 MVP David Patrick, File System Storage June 19
6 MVP Dennis Jon Bottjer, ASP/ASP.NET MVP June 16
7 MVP Ed Horley June 16
8 MVP Elias Mereb, Windows Desktop Experience and MVP David McCarter, Visual Basic June 19
9 MVP Erdal Ozkaya, Windows Desktop Experience June 16
10 MVP Kevin Jones, ASP/ASP.NET June 15
11 MVP Hal Rottenberg, PowerShell and MVP Mark Minasi, Directory Services June 17
12 MVP Mark Rosenberg, Visual C# and Jake Grey, MVP Lead June 18
13 MVP Matthew McDermott, SharePoint Server and Heather Kostes, Business Group Lead June 17
14 MVP Miguel Castro, ASP/ASP.NET and Emily Freet, Regional Manager June 17
15 MVP Scot Hillier, SharePoint Services June 19
16 MVP Shawn Weisfeld, Visual C# and MVP Allen White, SQL Server June 19
17 MVP Shawn Weisfeld, Visual C# and MVP Andy Malone, Setup & Deployment June 18
18 MVP Stephen Forte, Visual Basic and MVP Bill Wolff, Visual Basic June 18
19 MVP Stephen Forte, Visual Basic and MVP Billy Hollis, Visual Basic June 18
20 MVP Stephen Forte, Visual Basic and MVP Dan Griffin June 18
21 MVP Steven A. Smith, ASP/ASP.NET June 17
22 MVP Stuart Celarier, Connected System Developer and Nicolle Moser, Global MVP Program Manager June 17

Authored by Paulette Suddarth, Global Events Marketing Manager, Community & Online Support

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