Bing Goes Live!


Microsoft’s new web “Decision Engine” named Bing went Live on June 3rd. A number of our North American MVPs took the opportunity to test the new search technology. So far, feedback from our MVPs has been great!


MVP Laurent Duveau writes, “The first time I used Bing, it took me 1 min to be convinced that this IS what I needed”.

MVP Miguel Carrasco writes, “…now that I have had the chance to use [Bing] for real world searches, I am impressed and have switched my search engine from Google to Bing. It was a no brainer. Bing won me over in about 10 minutes”.

MVP Rob Bushway writes, “After using Bing for about 30 minutes, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It offers some great choices to filter pictures and video by size, resolution, color / black & white and more. Simply doing a rollover on a video begins playing the video which is also really cool”.

MVP Mike Temporale writes, “There’s some pretty cool inline searching that Bing allows you to do.  If you Bing for UPS, FedEx, Google, or the like, you are presented with an inline search box allowing you to track parcels or locate things without having to click through to the site first.  Pretty slick stuff!”.

MVP Blake Handler writes, “I found Microsoft's Bing to be a very quick search engine and the interface is clean. Microsoft's API will allow programmers to use the many powerful features of Bing within their own applications”.

Have you discovered Bing yet? If not, take the tour. Then, take Bing for a test drive for yourself and see how web search is evolving.

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Thanks to all of our MVPs who took the time to write a review for Bing.


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