Indian MVP Inspired by Silverlight 3!


MVP Vikram Pendse has produced an 8-part series on Silverlight 3, that could easily serve as a Silverlight 3 primer! Each post covers one topic, and is comprehensive with code snippets and screenshots. The posts are loosely isolated in content, so you can directly jump to the one you want to read.

Vikram is an ASP.NET MVP from Pune, India and a big Silverlight enthusiast. He is usually found blogging on all things related to .NET on his blog. Vikram was so inspired by the Silverlight 3 announcements made at MIX09, that he blogged a series of posts on the new web technology!

Click on the following links to read Vikram’s eight posts:

  1. Lap around Silverlight 3 Beta 1 – Part 1
  2. Explore Power of Blend 3 Preview – Part 2
  3. DataForm control features – Part 3
  4. Master Pages implementation with Navigation Framework – Part 4
  5. Creating Ads using Silverlight Advertising Creation Kit aka SACK – Part 5
  6. Out of Browser Support – Part 6
  7. DataGrid Programming – Part 7
  8. Overview of Live Smooth Streaming,Live Encoding and Streaming with Expression Encoder 2 – Part 8

With thanks to Abhishek Baxi for this submission!

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Comments (6)

  1. Vijay says:

    Nice work Vikram 🙂 Good to see your articles getting pinned. Congrats again..

  2. meerabai8832 says:

    Glad to be an indian…trust me..

  3. BTW, if you’re still using Silverlight 2, don’t miss my series on creating a Silverlight 2 Data Form.!5BA3283F955D0A0F!118/

    I’m using free Silverlight Streaming for the videos. The source code for the project is available in VB and C#.

    What’s great is that the tools, videos, and code are all free! This was my way of immersing myself into the technology. It helps to have a purpose – showing how to work with data.



  4. Thanks Everyone !

    @Ken : Thanks a lot Ken, I am checking out those CRUD code snippets of SL DataForms and the series too, looks very interesting, Thanks a lot for sharing those URLs.

  5. In this Issue: Erik Mork , Alexey Zakharov , René Schulte , Gavin Wignall , Koen Zwikstra , David Anson

  6. Vikram Bapat says:

    Hey Vikram…. Hearty Congrats!!… keep doing Great Work!

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