Portland Welcomes Code Camp!


SQL Server MVP Arnie Rowland and Connected Systems MVP Stuart Celarier bring the Portland, Oregon tech community together with the 2009 Portland Code Camp!

Portland Code Camp takes place on May 30th, 2009 and attempts to bridge the gap between Open Source and .NET technologies, as well as bring developers and database specialists together.

You will find sessions on topics such as MVC, Tapestry (Java extensions), programming languages, Silverlight, mobile development, data encryption and even SQL Injection at the Code Camp! There should be something for everyone’s interest.

Any MVP wishing to organise a Code Camp in his/her area should look at the 2009 Portland Code Camp website to get ideas and inspiration.


What is a Code Camp?

A.   Concept. Portland Code Camp is a community event focused on the needs and interests of the developer community and where we can learn from each other. Anyone is welcome to attend and anyone can propose a session on any development related topic. Final session selection is based on the interest expressed by those planning to attend. If the developer community is not interested in a topic, it just doesn’t make the ‘cut’.

B.   Community. Portland Code Camp is about the developer community. ‘Real’ developers, not business interests guide all stages of planning for the event. And ‘real’ developers (those planning to attend) express their interest in session topics.

C.   Cost. Portland Code Camp will always be ‘FREE’ to the developer community. There are no charges to attend any of the Portland Code Camp activities. We do raise funds from Sponsors, but Sponsors have no control over the sessions selected.

D.   Sessions. Sessions may range from ‘white board’ discussions to down in the trenches coding. Session presenters should present materials that is their own original or derivative work, free of copyright encumbrances. All session materials, code samples, scripts, even slides, will be made available to attendees. Session presenters should only offer material, including code, that is available to re-use, adapt, and alter for the attendee’s own education, projects and even work.

E.   Presenters. Anyone is encouraged to offer a presentation. Portland Code Camp provides a ‘low-key’ opportunity for inexperienced folks to make their first public presentation efforts. Some presenters will be experienced and some will be making their first public presentation. The Portland Code Camp audience is quite supportive of first time presenters. Most presenters will be from the Portland area, while a few may be from outside the area.

F.   Code. Portland Code Camp sessions will focus on coding –with few exceptions. We encourage presenters to keep their presentations with the realm of ‘code’; a few sessions may have such informative value that they will be permitted without code. But such sessions will only occur if they garner sufficient interest (see paragraph ‘A’ above).

G. Schedule. Portland Code Camp occurs on evenings and weekends in order to reduce work related scheduling conflicts.


You can read the session list here and register for the Portland Code Camp here.


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