Death of a Web Server: Crisis in Caching


TENA_blgr2_mvps When you read a title like that you just might think you’re actually browsing the Drama genre in your Netflix account. But dig a little further and you’ll discover it’s actually a title of a Tech Ed North America session hosted by  Richard Campbell. An ASP/ASP.NET MVP with over 30 years of high-tech experience, a Regional Director and co-host of the popular .NET Rocks! internet audio talk show, it’s no wonder that any session Richard is associated with sounds like the place to be! Richard is an accomplished speaker and enjoys bringing the latest information to IT Professionals. In fact, you may have a seen a previous post about Richard heading up the Speaker Idol competition as well. If you’ll be at Tech Ed in Los Angeles, swing by Room 153 on Fri 5/15 from 1:00 PM-2:15 PM and watch as the drama unfolds!



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Paulette Suddarth
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