Excel MVP Highlights External Data


Congratulations to Excel MVP Nick Hodge, for getting his first article published on the Excel help section of the Office Online website! Nick’s article entitled, “Excel 2007 - Getting External Data”, was inspired by the number of people seeking help with external data on his web site. In his article, learn about the easy ways to work with external data in Excel 2007.

About the author:

MVP Nick Hodge works as the Managing Director of the UK division of Northern Tool & Equipment. His interest and skills in Excel are self-taught and he shares his passion for Excel with his colleagues and the wider community. He is also the founder of the new Excel User Group For more information, you can also visit the Nick’s blog.

Comments (3)

  1. pconways says:

    I had no idea there was a Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog.

  2. Yea.. me either.. thats great that they have an award program for blogs.. I wonder how you can qualify for an an award. I’m going to look into it..

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