French MVP Develops a Firm Foundation


French Client Application Development MVP, Thomas Lebrun, has just written a new book on Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology entitled, “WPF par la pratique”.

WPF is a new technology that allows developers to write rich graphical interfaces offering interactivity through animation, visual effects and use of digital media. WPF can be used to develop applications such as word processing and can even be used to develop games. A light version of WPF is also for the Web, called Silverlight.

About the book:

This book puts the reader into the heart of the WPF technology, detailing the specifics of its coding language – XAML. “WPF par la pratique” - also covers more complex aspects such as the definition of Dependency Properties and the management of routed event. In a practical sense, it will help .NET developers to design animations that can help to enrich Windows applications, or Internet applications (Silverlight).

Who is this book for?
  • .NET developers who wish to learn about the development of WPF applications
  • For programmers who are interested in Silverlight technology
  • Project managers / architects who want to learn more about these two technologies

The book is published in French and available here

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