Italian MVP Makes Compelling Viewing!


Italian MVP Alessandro Del Sole has recorded a number of screencasts on his blog covering a number of topics including ADO.NET Data Services, .NET Framework Client Profile and Visual Basic 2008. Alessandro has also created a resource page on the MSDN Code Gallery, where you will find all the source code related to the screencasts.

Creating ADO.NET Data Services with Visual Basic 2008

In this short video, learn how to create an ADO.NET Data Service with Visual Basic 2008 over a relational database. Particular emphasis is given to the technical aspects on the server.

Using ADO.NET Data Services with Visual Basic 2008

In this video, learn how to use ADO.NET Data Services from within .NET client applications. Also, learn how to query a Data Service using LINQ and perform CRUD operations in Visual Basic code,

Download the code for both videos here.

.NET Framework Client Profile

The .NET Framework Client Profile is a subset of the .NET Framework redistribution package. It includes the "client side" assemblies of the base class library, to reduce the space needed to deploy client applications. In this video learn how to deploy .NET applications using Visual Basic 2008.

Creating and using WCF services with Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions - Parts 1 and 2

In the first video learn how to create WCF services with Visual Web Developer 2008 Express and how to use them with Visual Basic 2008 Express. Download the code here. In the second video learn how to create and use WCF services exclusively with Visual Basic 2008 Express and how to export them to reusable project templates. Download the code here.

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