Excel Super Hero Recognised for Training Embassy Officials!

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Excel MVP Kai Liu recently delivered Microsoft Office training for 3 foreign officials and 5 Chinese officials at the Embassy of Israel in Beijing. Kai prepared a number of exercises and course examples for the dignitaries. He even produced a short training manual, filled with practical exercises to help the officials to study further after the course. For his efforts and willingness to go the extra mile, MVP Liu Kai received a letter of appreciation from the Embassy of Israel!

“We wish to thank you for a professional and comprehensive training course in Microsoft Office. Your flexibility and sensitivity to our needs has allowed us to find solutions to specific daily work problems. Your training skills and pleasant character enabled us to further learn how to maximize the use of existing programs and learn of new helpful features.”

Economic and Agriculture sections - Embassy of Israel, Beijing.


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  1. f.h.muffman says:

    And so further erodes the meaning behind the word ‘hero’.

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