Our goal in writing this blog is to share with you some of the inspiring activities of Microsoft MVPs. If you decide to follow this blog, you’ll soon see that MVPs come from all over the world, today representing nearly 90 technology specialisms, over 30 languages and more than 90 countries. Read on, be impressed, be inspired!

Microsoft MVPs are the most active experts in technical communities recognised by Microsoft for their past quality participation, demonstrated practical expertise and passion for technology. While Microsoft MVPs come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, all share a willingness to give their time, expertise, and advice to enhance the technical skills of others.

Feedback regarding this blog can be left by leaving a comment. Alternatively, you can email the moderator. Further details regarding the Microsoft MVP Program can be found here 

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  1. Hello Jas,

    Please could you include the full blog post in your RSS feed rather than just a snippet.


  2. MaxMVP says:


    Congrats on opening a new joint MVP Program blog!

    May we make a kind of MVPs’ RSS hub here?

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Full posts should now appear in your RSS reader. Thanks for your feedback!


  4. HappyAndyK says:

    Great ! Hope this helps in fostering communication among MVPs acros boundries.

  5. renegayer says:

    Congratulations! RSS feed is already included in my list – I will promote it also in the community!

  6. Joël Hébert says:

    Sweet , This is a great idea…a nice central repository.

  7. shinyzhu says:

    Nice blog. I’ve subscribed the feed.

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