Creating portable ASP.NET applications that work on IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0 Classic, and IIS 7.0 Integrated modes

ASP.NET applications in IIS 7.0 Integrated mode requires configuration changes if they define custom modules or handlers. However, it is still possible to create portable ASP.NET applications that can function in all three environments without configuration changes. See how at Thanks, Mike


FastCGI RTM for IIS 6.0 is released on Download Center

Just over a year after the we first announced the FastCGI, the final RTM version is here! Read more about it and the history of the FastCGI project at Thanks, Mike  

Request is not available in this context exception in Application_Start

The “Request is not available in this context” exception is one of the more common errors you may receive on when moving ASP.NET applications to Integrated mode on IIS 7.0.  This exception happens in your implementation of the Application_Start method in the global.asax file if you attempt to access the HttpContext of the request that…


Find your way around IIS 7 configuration sections with AppCmd

The IIS 7 configuration system contains 50+ configuration sections (100+ if you count .NET Framework configuration), 477 attributes, and 57 collections.  This can make it pretty challenging to figure out exactly what IIS 7 configuration section needs to be used to turn on some particular behavior, and then exactly syntax the configuration in that section should…

Mike’s IIS7 modules – what’s coming next

During IIS7 development, I’ve written quite a few modules for IIS7 / ASP.NET.  Some of these were for various demos, others were to help out various internal and external customers, and others just because they were fun to write.  Now, I am thinking about upgrading some of these with the feature requests and bugfixes you…


Fastest way to create IIS7 websites, applications, and application pools

IIS7 provides quite a few ways to create websites, applications, and application pools.  You can use the GUI, but what if you need to create 10, 100, or even 10,000 websites?Read about the fastest way to create IIS7 websites in bulk at


Temporary outages

You may have noticed being unavailable at certain points over the past two days.  I am in the process of moving the server across the country, and that combined with certain other toubles with the internet setup is contributing to spotty availability. Next week the server will find its new permanent home so it…


New IIS7 modules, Hosting roadshow, MSDN magazine, IIS7 Resource Kit, and more

I’ve haven’t had a chance to post much over the past few weeks – its pretty frustrating at times to look at the ever-increasing backlog of juicy IIS7 topics that I want to cover and no time to actually do them justice.I’ve been working on a few interesting things lately, that have been taking my…

Developing IIS7 web server features with the .NET framework

This article, the first in the IIS7 .NET Developer series, focuses on getting started with developing IIS7 web server features based on the .NET Framework.  Learn about the options you have for your development environment, how to set up your Visual Studio project, when to build a module vs. a handler, and more.  By the…

IIS Authentication plugin for the WordPress PHP blogging engine

This weekend, I was working on an MSDN magazine article and happened to install PHP’s WordPress blog app on IIS7.  Of course, I used the latest FastCGI bits available in the box in in Windows Server 2008 Beta 3, and the latest Windows-optimized PHP 5.2.3 build from  Long story short, I ended up writing…