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Installing SP1 and June CU for SharePoint 2010 and Office Web Apps

(cross posting from: Here is the install order and required patches for SharePoint 2010 deployments with Office Web apps: if your environment includes: SharePoint Server 2010 + Office Web App Farm Step 1: SharePoint Server 2010 SP1: Step 2: Office Web Apps SP1: Step 3: SharePoint Server 2010 June CU: Step… Read more

Check the build level status of components within your SharePoint 2010 farm

To check the upgrade status of your farm after applying the latest SP and CU:    Get-SPProduct – this CmdLet will check the build version of the binaries on all servers in the farm PS C:\> $spprod = Get-SPProduct PS C:\> $spprod.Servers | select ServerName, Products, InstallStatus   ServerName Products                           InstallStatus———- ——–                           ————-WFE2       {Microsoft SharePoint Server… Read more