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Check the build level status of components within your SharePoint 2010 farm

To check the upgrade status of your farm after applying the latest SP and CU:    Get-SPProduct – this CmdLet will check the build version of the binaries on all servers in the farm PS C:\> $spprod = Get-SPProduct PS C:\> $spprod.Servers | select ServerName, Products, InstallStatus   ServerName Products                           InstallStatus———- ——–                           ————-WFE2       {Microsoft SharePoint Server… Read more

How-To: Self service site creation?

Creating a new site collection usually requires a farm admin permission level since the tools to do so are available through the central admin or by using an stsadm command line. In some cases, you want to delegate the site creation to end users (without granting them farm admin privilege obviously!). Self-Service Site Creation allows… Read more