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Check the build level status of components within your SharePoint 2010 farm

To check the upgrade status of your farm after applying the latest SP and CU: 


Get-SPProduct – this CmdLet will check the build version of the binaries on all servers in the farm

PS C:\> $spprod = Get-SPProduct

PS C:\> $spprod.Servers | select ServerName, Products, InstallStatus


ServerName Products                           InstallStatus
———- ——–                           ————-
WFE2       {Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010} NoActionRequired
WFE1       {Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010} NoActionRequired


Here is what you get when a patch is missing on one of the servers

PS C:\> $spprod.Servers | select ServerName, Products, InstallStatus

ServerName Products                           InstallStatus
———- ——–                           ————-
WFE2       {Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010} InstallRequired
WFE1       {Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010} NoActionRequired


you can drill down on the server missing the update can find out which specific patches are missing:

PS C:\> $spprod.Servers | ? { $_.InstallStatus -eq “InstallRequired” } | % { $_.RequiredButMissingPatches }

PatchName          : Hotfix for Office (KB2352342)
PatchGuid          : f58f97af-113a-4ccb-bc8d-f733ddc7cfd2
Version            : 14.0.5123.5000
Link               :
ServersMissingThis : {WFE2}



Get-SPContentDatabase – check the status of dbs that are still upgrading using this cmdlet


PS C:\> Get-SPContentDatabase | select Name, NeedsUpgrade

Name                                          NeedsUpgrade
—-                                          ————
WSS_Content_81                                True
WSS_Content_1894898f3e174d98b67bb59257bbbbf7  True
WSS_Content_e550737e9fa5447194a02e5ea5228add  True
WSS_Content_Portal                            True
wss_content_1                                 True


You can of course still use the central admin to Check Product and Patch Installation Status.

– mutaz