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Talking about SharePoint 2010 large scale deployments, identity, ALM and deployment best practices at MS tech.ed 2010

My colleague Kuldip Obhan and my self presented at tech.ed 2010 in Australia on lessons learned SharePoint 2010 deployments in which we focused our presentation on the following topics: Designing a large scale SharePoint 2010 deployment Identity and federation in SharePoint 2010 ALM recommended practices deployment and configuration practices a copy of the presentation is… Read more

Sync the user display name from the profile service down to the content dbs

this script will sync the user display name from the user profile service and update the user display name on the site collection level. all it does is to trigger the timer job: <user profile service app>-ProfSync get-sptimerjob | ? {$_.Name -like "*Profsync*"} |  start-sptimerjob   – mutaz… Read more

Reprovision service applications

when upgrading a 2010 Beta deployment to RC i ran into issues related to using office web apps. i had to reprovision the service applications to fix the issue. to do so, i ran the following ps script:   Get-SPServiceApplication | %{$s = “re-provision: “ + $_.TypeName; Write $s;$_.Provision()}   – mutaz… Read more