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SSP Admin cannot manage existing BDC applications?

A newly created SSP admin with full set of permissions on BDC gets access denied messages when trying to manage existing BDC applications if the new SSP admin was created after the BDC application was imported to the SSP. To resolve this issue, go to manage permissions on BDC (/ssp/admin/_layouts/BDCAdminUI/ManagePermissions.aspx) select the new user and… Read more

PowerShell SharePoint deployment scripts

cross posting from the Norwegian MCS IW team:   It is an pleasure to announce the first of our two new SharePoint projects on Project Description SharePoint PowerShell Deploy is a set of PowerShell files to help you build, deploy, upgrade and destroy a SharePoint farm. It can be used on development machines as… Read more

Patterns and Practices: SharePoint Guidance

The patterns and practices SharePoint Guidance is here, this guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications. A reference implementation that is named the Contoso Training Management application demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and application lifecycle management challenges. This guidance discusses the following: Architectural decisions about patterns, feature… Read more

SSRS 2008 and Report Builder 2.0

Today i finally had a chance to look at SSRS 2008. some of the new features that i already like about it:   the new tablix control: a mix of table + matrix, will let you combine both table capabilities and matrix capabilities in one grid. some examples of its new features are combining both… Read more

"Command Prompt" here!

here is a very handy registry edit that will add a “Command prompt” and “12 Folder” commands to your windows explorer contenxt menu: use when you want to open a command prompt on the 12 folder direct (useful when using stsadm command). here is the trick (copied from the blog post above): Save the following… Read more

Outlook search – start "finding"

Seriously, stop looking for that old email you got from a customer or a friend by navigating through your outlook folders, use search!!!!  I am a big fan of desktop search technologies, I use(d) vista for long time, now i am on Windows Server 2008 with desktop experience and search enabled. and this blog post… Read more

"Configuration of SharePoint Products and Technologies failed" error

I kept getting this error while trying to install WSS v3/Project Server 2007 side by side on a machine running WSSv2/Project Server 2003. in this instance i was trying to install the products without upgrading WSS v2 content dbs, hence i did not run the pre-scan tool prior to installing wssv3. in this case when… Read more

MOSS and WSS SDK 1.4

the new MOSS SDK 1.4 and WSS SDK 1.4 are now released and can be downloaded here: Download the MOSS SDK 1.4 Download the WSS SDK 1.4 see the blog post of Randall Isenhour for more details on this SDK release. – mutaz… Read more