Article/Video on Murray Sargent and Math in Office

The article Professor's Laser Focus Gets Math into Office tells some of the story behind the Math in Office project. It also gives a link to a video that includes a sequence of me showing how easy it is to type in the binomial theorem. Hope you like it J


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  1. Nali says:

    Thank you very much for nice post. I think, math is one of the greatest improvement of Office. In 2008, I used Word 2007 to write my Masters thesis. The main reason was great support for mathematics (high quality editing and display of math text)! Since 2008, I have observed the development of math support in Office and I have been interested in it (new features of equation engine in Office).

    So, I wonder, if you also plan on adding a similar philosophy (as used in math zone) of ordinary text editing into Office (something like "linear format keywords for ordinary text") and to extend the support for (better) typography and opentype features in ordinary text – e.g.: optical margin alignment, optimal paragraph alorithm, true small caps, unicode super/subscripts, fractions (similar to InDesign), true Drop Cap, etc… It would be great to have the keywords for editing and display of ordinary text 🙂 Keywords are very useful for writing the equations, but I thing they would by also very useful for writing and formating the ordnary text. Please, is there any chance to see this features in some future successor of Office 2010?

    Thank you so much.

  2. Ed says:

    Is there any word on whether we can expect Math support in Ofice 2011 for Mac? Thanks!

  3. MurrayS3 says:

    Nali and Ed, thanks for your inquiries about math and typography improvements in Microsoft Office on the PC and Mac. I'll certainly blog about any such additions if they are announced publically. It's an interesting idea to have keywords that enable typographic features. This would be fairly easy to implement within math zones, but we don't currently have the infrastructure to do it outside math zones.

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