Cool Equation Number Macros for Word 2007

Dong Yu of Microsoft's Speech Research Group reports:

"Office 2007 comes with a very nice equation editor and bibliography manager. However, it does not support equation number management. To work around this problem. I have developed a set of macros. You can download it here."

Comments (3)

  1. Andy Knight says:

    Why oh why does this have to be so hard, inserting tables and then fine-tuning alingments etc? What’s wrong with giving people the choice between inline and display equations? Then I could:

    centre-tab – insert display eqn – right tab – insert a number sequence in parenthesis. Bookmark the eqn numbers I want to refer to, then insert bookmarks as references as and when needed….

  2. MurrayS3 says:

    I agree. Seems nice and simple and general enough for most purposes

  3. sara says:

    This is really a nice and easy to use macro. Thanks a lot. Saved me lots of time!!

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