Free compatibility labs at PDC for Windows 7!

Very exciting things happening for ISV's at PDC this year.

I pulled this little nugget from a recent post by Tim Sneath:

“Among other things, we’ll be running compatibility labs at the PDC so you can bring your application and test it on Windows 7 builds. Don’t you want to make sure you’re ahead of the curve and, indeed, take advantage of some major new innovations?”

Original post: What You’ll Hear at PDC2008

Thought I would let you know about this opportunity. 

I think this would be a very easy way for ISV's to ensure that your application will install and run on Win7 (obvious problems like need for a server to hit aside) and be ready to announce support early!!!

Thanks for checking out this post!


Murray Gordon
ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation 

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  1. small_mountain says:

    Definitely nice to have compatibility labs to get an initial idea what we’re up against, but I think I’ll need my testers back home to have production Windows 7 bits for a few weeks of testing before there will be any announcements about support.


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