MultiPoint SDK Update

I'm sorry for the delayed update. I know many of you have been waiting for the next release of the SDK, which we hoped would come out in December. We decided to make a few more improvements and expect Version 1.1 to be released in early March. We're on track for this. Apologies for the delay but we hope you will all be happy with the enhancements in the new version. Additionally, I wanted to let everyone know that MultiPoint is a part of Imagine Cup this year. Right now the MultiPoint award has the second highest number of entries! If any of you are student developers, you should definitely consider entering -

Comments (3)

  1. ulsci says:

    Looking forward to see MultiPoint sdk working in Windows XP with SP3 in next version..


  2. I copy-paste below a discussion I started at Touchless project on Codeplex ( – from MS Labs if I remember well):

    I’d love to be able to use Touchless as a fake mouse input device, together with Microsoft Multipoint SDK (that supports multiple mice [can each have a fancy cursor like an animal head etc.]) for educational applications (combined with camera and projector and kids moving their colored banner to move their mouse each one arround or even wearing a colored hat and walking arround in the room)

    The application I have in mind is at my daughter’s kindergarten. We got them a laptop and a projector, but passing small kids mouses is clumsy (many will get lost or broken, high-power LEDs are harmful for their eyes and they might keep staring at the LED etc.). So I’m thinking of using Touchless instead with the kids wearing colored hats or holding a colored banner and have a camera detect those colors and use with MutliPoint to move mouse pointers arround (even without clicking action [although could implement that too with some gesture] you can implement interesting games and educational activities)

  3. iantil says:

    I am looking to use multipoint technology in a (huge) C++ MFC application. The SDK and samples are C# and it is not obvious if/how the existing SDK can be used with MFC. Is it possible? Will the next version due this month have better support?

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