MultiPoint Update

As Kentaro mentioned in the last blog post, I've been lucky to join the MultiPoint family and look forward to the innovation that this SDK will drive within the developer community. Kentaro's research and early trials shows that this technology can create considerable educational value if the right applications are built.

Check out the new website for MultiPoint which has some useful white-papers and videos – And stay tuned for the next version of the MultiPoint SDK coming out in December. If you've created an exciting application and want to share it with schools around the world, send an email to

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  1. says:

    Is there a generic end user app for Multipoint that lets users use 2 mouse pointers if there are 2 pointing devices connected, such as a touchpad and USB mouse in case of a dual-screen laptop (like the one being demoed at CES2009)? If I’m an end user, the SDK isn’t of use to me unless someone writes an app.

  2. OmegaThree says:

    It’s been two years now.  Ever since I discovered MultiPoint, I’ve been following it closely, waiting somewhat impatiently for it to mature.  I wondered if it wouldn’t fade quietly into the background, finding no interested developers in the U.S./European market.

    It seems the apparent applications are grossly underestimated.  As an independent game developer, I want to apply MultiPoint to gaming, and as WPF now supports direct interaction with Direct3D through the D3DImage control, it is not only possible but relatively easy to build a pure .NET Direct3D/WPF application that simultaneously supports multiple mice.  As a fan of console gaming but not consoles, I find this to be a very exciting prospect!

    What I’m really looking for is a wider selection of samples demonstrating the power of MultiPoint, specifically better examples of how to extend existing controls to support it, how to create new MultiPoint-capable controls, and how to use multiple keyboards (my impression is that one of the existing samples confirms this possibility but does not apply it).  I’m also curious to know if MultiPoint has been extended to support API’s other than WPF.  Support for MP-enabled WinForms would be utterly magnificent.

    I’m looking forward to a great release this month!

    Update:  Nasha Fitter responded to this e-mail and informed me that multi-keyboard and WinForms support were being examined for the 2.0 release.  Please keep up the great work!

  3. NigelB says:

    I have just set up Windows 7 beta as Dual boot with Vista Home Premium Edition. Ive been running Vista up until now with dual display’s (24in Monitor & 32in LCD HD TV) with Media center & games primarily displayed on my LCD 32in HDTV (secondary Display) & pretty much everything else on my 24in Monitor (Primary Display). I have encounter a slight glich when doing this as I have children who want to use Media Center while I ‘m working using the 24in Monitor. If they use the Media Center remote, most functions dont interfer with what I’m doing, but thats not the case with the mouse as even though I have two mouse pointers & keyboards (usb, bluetooth) but they work dependently some times leading to mouse wars between myself & the kids. I’ve often thought wouldnt it be nice if I could Lock the bluetooth mouse to the Media Center screen then continue my work using the usb mouse rather than having to pause what i’m doing in order to allow the kids to complete whatever task they want. Now we have windows 7 may I ask is it possible to run seperate dual mouse pointers in Windows 7 like you can with a MAC? "Multipoint" seems to have the potential to achieve Dual mouse control, Could this be implemented into Windows 7 FC & Media Center? it would help finaly bring some harmony to my household.

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