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The Windows MultiPoint SDK is a project that started out in Microsoft Research India and has been transferred to the Microsoft Education Products Group in the India Development Center (IDC) late last year.


Today we are proud to announce our second Community Technology Preview (CTP).  You can download the Microsoft Windows MultiPoint SDK CTP 2 release from the Microsoft Download Center.  This release includes lots of new features including a new sample application (multiplayer Tic-Tac-Toe), updated control samples, better Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) integration and numerous other updates that allow you to create even better MultiPoint-enabled applications.


Let us know what you think about this latest release in the comments.  Also let us know if you run into trouble or have questions.  While we won’t be able to answer every question individually, we’ll do our best to respond to comments and answer the most popular questions in future postings.


The MultiPoint Team.

Comments (8)

  1. Stelphi says:


    Recently I have installed the MultiPoint SDK and your project looks great. While I was playing a few questions appeared:

    1) How can I disable MultiPoint. For example, I have a modal dialog and I want MultiPoint cursors to be active only inside this window. When the user closes this window, only windows system cursor should appear

    2) In the previous SDK there were some examples how to extend existing controls to support MultiPoint. In the current version of the SDK the examples are missing. There are some WPF controls enabled to support MultiPoint, but the don’t fit to my requirements.

    Keep on with the great work and good luck.

    Stephan Zahariev

  2. corrineo says:

    In the Channel 9 interview, they mention that MultiPoint can be used with C++.  When I attempt to follow the instructions that come with the SDK to add Multipoint to an application, I’m not able to add the references from the bin directory when I’m using C++.  What type of project is supported?

    Also, all the Multipoint site links point to the Imagine cup site which doesn’t have any forums discussing the technology or giving support despite the claims when describing the link.  Is there any site that actually does this?


  3. nvitsyn@hotmail.com says:


    Is anybody know some working examples of MS MultiPoint windows applications, except that in SDK?


    Nikolai Vitsyn

  4. mmitica says:


    Is it possible to use this SDK in a Silverlight application?

    Thank you

  5. taudien says:


    I have some questions, I really need anyone will answer me.

    Is MultiPoint just only used for Window Application? Can I use it in my web application? My web application also use Silverlight.

    Thank you so much!

  6. Valerie HADOUX says:

    Hi to all,

    I didnt again register myself for this competition (I’m already a competitor of Imagine Cup 2009 in Photography); I wait to be sure to find 3 student to form my team.  But it is necessary for me also to find a mentor. Is there a forum for MultiPoint Education Award, where we can find a mentor?

    Bye-Bye everyone and see you soon,


  7. nashaf says:

    Hi Valerie,

    It is great to hear you are interested in participating in the Imagine Cup Multipoint Education Award.  Please find the response to your questions below:

    1) You are not required to have a mentor to compete, however it is recommended. If you are interested in finding a mentor, the MultiPoint Blog is a good place to do so. I recommend creating a new post with your contact information (name, country, email) and titling it with ‘Mentor for MultiPoint Education Award Needed‘.

    2) If you are interested in finding teammates, I recommend visiting the MultiPoint Education Award forum and Software Design forum on the Imagine Cup website and creating a new post with the title ‘Teammates Needed’ along with the name of your country and contact information.

    If you have any more questions regarding the Award that are not related directly to use of the Microsoft MultiPoint SDK, please make sure you ask them on the MultiPoint Education Award forum first.

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