Windows 7 GodMode?

I came across an interesting article on CNET today about some undocumented tweaks available in Windows 7.  The one bloggers (not Microsoft) are calling GodMode enables you to configure a folder that contains links to let you access every Windows setting fromone place.  All the shortcuts let you access settings found throughout Control Panel.  There is also information to create "folder" that let you access individual settings also.

 The original article can be found here: Windows 7 has lots of 'GodModes' (exclusive). There is also a video that demonstrates how to setup this tweak.

Comments (1)

  1. Andy Goldin says:

    Hi Don,

    A co-worker  mailed me the link today and I tried it out. Yes, it does work. My question is this: why the heck doesn’t MSFT document this stuff? It always has to be a great secret…

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