Windows Phone 7 – So far so good….

The reviews are coming in and so far the reviews have been positive.  Most of the positive press is around the new user interface.  Nick Bilton of the New York Times has a nice round of of recent reviews on his blog.


Windows Live Essentials 2011 is Now Available

Windows Live Essentials is a collection of free programs you can download to enhance your Windows 7 experience.  There are a number of programs available for download including: ·     Mail ·     Messenger ·     Photo Gallery (with facial recognition) ·     Movie Maker ·     Family Safety (Parental Controls) ·     Writer (for blogging) ·     Bing Bar ·     Outlook…


Windows Phone 7–Released To Manufacturing!

It won’t be much longer until the Windows Phone 7 hits the streets!  More details can be found at the Windows Phone Blog.


ZDNet Likes Windows Phone 7

I read a very informative article on ZDNet tonight written by Matthew Miller.  Matthew was given a Windows Phone 7 device to use for a couple of weeks loaded with a “technical preview” (beta) version of the mobile OS.  Matthew gives us a very in depth look at a the Windows Phone 7 operating system including…


Windows 7 Taskbar / Progress Bar

This morning I was re-introduced to a feature I had forgotten about.  The icons on the WIndows 7 Taskbar can also act as a status indicator for the minimized programs.  Below is a screen snip of my Taskbar showing the Back/Restore prgram icon with 1/3 shaded green. The snip below shows the actual progress of the…


Customizing "SendTo" Context Menu

I spend a lot of time helping people troubleshoot problems.  In many cases the work consists of sitting next to someone saying “click this” or “open that” especially log and configuration files.  Believe me when I tell you it takes a lot of patience sometimes to watch someone to right-click a file, select “Open with” from the…


Windows 7 GodMode?

I came across an interesting article on CNET today about some undocumented tweaks available in Windows 7.  The one bloggers (not Microsoft) are calling GodMode enables you to configure a folder that contains links to let you access every Windows setting fromone place.  All the shortcuts let you access settings found throughout Control Panel.  There is also…