WIndows 7 Tips & Tricks – A Few more

I found a few more features I think people will find useful:

  • Win+Tab activates the "ferris wheel" of open windows.  Pressing Tab repeatedly cycles through the open windows.

  • Updated Windows Calculator.  Open Calculator, click the View menu and check out the new feature like Date calculation, Unit conversions, and Worksheets that include Mortgage and Auto Lease calculators.

  • Device Stage - Is meant to simplify connecting devices to your computer.  Device Stage enables Windows 7 to download realistic images to represent each of your connected devices instead of generic icons.  Click the Windows Pearl and type "device stage" into search box. 

  • Problem Recorder - is used to record the actions of a computer user would take to reproduce a problem they are having.  To use Problem Recorder click the Windows Pearl and type "Problem Recorder" in the search box. Press the Start button to begin recording and Stop when you are finished.  The program saves the information as an HTML Archive (HT) file.  Open the zip and double-click MHT file so see the results. 


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