Like the NRBQ Song Says – "Ain’t No Free"

I saw this post on the Genuine Windows Blog site today Pirated Windows 7 RC builds a botnet.  So let me understand this.  Instead of getting the software for free from Microsoft, people prefer to get it from some stranger(s) over the Internet for free

<SOAPBOX>It always amazes me how many people troll the Internet looking for "free" stuff.  Free music, free movies, free pirated software.  No one ever stops to wonder why it's free.  I know people that spend an inordinate amount of time downloading movies from the Internet.  Then they jump through a bunch of hoops burning or converting the movies so they can use them.  Maybe I'm getting lazy but most DVDs cost less than $20 so it seems like a lot or work (and risk) to me for a movie.  Search for "malware bit torrent" in your favorite search engine and you can see what I am talking about.  In my experience there is no such thing as free.  You will end up paying with your time and time is not free... </SOAPBOX> 

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