Roaming User Profiles

A couple of my customers use Roaming User Profiles (RUP) so that a user's desktop, files and settings follow them no matter which computer they happen to be setting at.  This is a very cool feature for users because no matter which computer they log onto they always have the look and feel.  I have been researching some issues decided to post the information here for future reference.

 314478 How to Create and Copy Roaming User Profiles in Windows XP;EN-US;314478

227260 How a slow link is detected for processing user profiles and Group Policy;EN-US;227260

227369 Default Behavior for Group Policy Extensions with Slow Link;[LN];227369

221833 How to enable user environment debug logging in retail builds of Windows;[LN];221833

RUP Issues Resolved by XP SP2

816880 Roaming profiles may not unload after you use WMI on a Windows Server 2003-based computer or a Windows XP-based computer

819536 Roaming profiles are not saved when a user logs off a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer or a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer

827878 The "Exclude directories in roaming profiles" policy stops working when you add paths

830464 Group Policy does not apply roaming profiles correctly if NTuser.dat and NTuser.pol files are not synchronized

840998 Changes to your roaming profile are lost when you log on to a Windows XP-based computer

321936 A roaming user profile does not upload successfully, and Event ID 1000 is logged in the application log in Windows 2000

831651 "The roaming profile cannot be found" error message when you log on to your network from a Windows XP-based computer


User Data and Settings Management (Great resource for RUP Information)

Group Policy Settings for Roaming User Profiles

User Profiles and Folder Redirection FAQ


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