Windows Live Favorites

So I am an information junkie.  When I surf the web I am constantly bookmarking things I'll use in the future ( OK sometimes).  One of the biggest problems with bookmarks is having more than one computer.  If you have more than one computer keeping your bookmarks synchronized is a pain.  Until now. 

Windows Live Favorites lets you access you favorite sites from any computer.  You simply log into the web site and “import” your favorites into the web site.  You can also “export” your favorites to a bookmark.htm  file that can be imported into another computer.

Windows Live Favorites

To automate the management of your favorites on multiple computers you can add the Windows Live Toolbar and the Windows Live Favorites Toolbar Button.  Once these are installed all your computers will synchronize their bookmarks with htt:// enabling you to have the same bookmarks on every one  of your computers.  Adding a favorite on one computer adds it to all computers.  You can create sub-folders (e.g. Work, Personal, Hobby etc.) in your favorites to help organize all your shortcuts.

Windows Live Toolbar

Windows Live Favorites Toolbar Button

Comments (2)

  1. scinven says:

    Where I can take Off-line Windows Live Favorites

  2. MuadDib says:

    I’m not sure I understand your question "Where I can take Off-line Windows Live Favorites"

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