Your questions on the upcoming leap second

Just back in the office from a trip, I found several questions in my email box in regard to the upcoming leap second. I thought that I’d take a moment or three to answer several of the questions there, some not covered in past posts. The first question on everyone’s mind could be summarized best…


The story around Leap Seconds and Windows: It’s likely not Y2K

Today I woke to a number of hair-on-fire press articles decrying the coming and dreaded Leap Second… with the mainstream USA Today calling out… “But last time it happened, in 2012, it took down much of the Internet. Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp and LinkedIn all reported problems, and so did the Linux operating system and programs…


What I do at Microsoft: It’s all about the customer

I was asked yesterday, “what the heck do you do at Microsoft these days?” That was a follow up to a friend seeing a post in Computerworld that I’d missed, which was interesting as I was calling out the importance of numbers in names… as I have one in mine (hence the emoticon, which Gregg…


RSS feed reader blues? Get your feed in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365

ICYMI, Google Reader, Google Voice App for Blackberry, Google Cloud Connect, and Snapseed Desktop are shutting down. Hilarity ensued on the Internet with the melt down on social media over the change. As Danny Sullivan noted here, "Google should have done better by Google Reader & Google users than to bury its closure in a…


It’s Time To Fall Back An Hour in the US and Canada: Daylight Saving Time Ends This Sunday

How quickly time flies, seems like just yesterday we were Springing Forward (way back on Sunday, March 11). Yes, it’s that time again if you’ll pardon the pun, to fall back in much of the Northern Hemisphere. Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 2:00AM local time in much of the U.S…


Your Questions: "What do you think about Windows 8? Which one should I get?"

I’m very excited today with the release of Windows 8. It’s been nice to see the positive press on the new OS release, and to connect with friends with questions about the latest version of Windows. As an example of the mails I’ve received, one was from one of my friends from a past life…


How do I survive SXSW in Austin? By "attending" virtually

As you may know – and some may even be reading this from the great state of Texas – the South by South West (SxSW) festival kicked off in Austin. Unlike a few of my friends, and contrary to my thoughts in 2011, I won’t be there this year. There are some great reasons to…


Announcement: Late breaking 2011 time zone changes for Armenia and Ukraine (again)

I originally posted that we confirmed that Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine won’t fall back but also stay permanently on summer time on October 30, similar to the move in Russia. Well, it appears that that these decisions were recently reversed. Please note we have received reports that Armenia and Ukraine have canceled their proposed changes. (….