When it comes to Tweeting, be thoughtful

As noted in my posts Surviving TechReady 11 in Seattle and from MGX Atlanta 2010… ‘Nuff said: Credit goes to hongkiat for the blue bird image. Tags: Microsoft, Atlanta, MGX, travel tips. Bookmark this on Delicious Also available at http://bit.ly/a3oVXH


Who’s tweeting what on Twitter? A few of my favourite recent tweets

Here are a few of my recent favourite tweets from others on Twitter. A quick post between discussions: a few of my recent favourites tweets on Twitter (you can find more and assorted links on my twitter feed):  screwdriver 1 in every 66 computers browsing web running Windows 7 and it hasn’t even released yet!!…


Facebook is fixed… well, my profile, at least

As I mentioned earlier about my listing on Facebook, the good folks there have fixed the “invalid characters” in my name. My thanks to Clive at Facebook for his help. Contrary to popular belief, “3” is not an invalid character, ‘though I’ve had my share of issues with it. 😉

I found (the hard way) that numbers are invalid characters on Facebook

OK, I’m now on Facebook (following my long-standing stint on LinkedIn…) given the ad partnership we have with this partner (and providing tools such as the Facebook Dev Toolkit). Not all rosy… Microsoft You have no friends at Microsoft.There are 17,509 people in the Microsoft network. Ouch. 😉 More amusing thing is that my name…


Building your own cabinets, internal and external

A person I work with but have never met sent me an email the other day asking me to elaborate on my concept of buidling a personal cabinet. I recalled that last year I discussed different ways to get good feedback, from within your own company (your internal customers) and also from real customers and partners….